The Official Guide to Proven Internet Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing

If you want to quickly establish yourself as an authority in your niche, one of the most powerful internet marketing strategies you can employ is content marketing.

As the name suggests, content marketing involves marketing your online business primarily by providing your prospects with free educational content.

This educational content is of such high quality that you could choose to sell it and people would happily pay you money for it.

But you choose to give it away for free instead. Hence, when your prospects read or watch your content, they are compelled to believe that you are credible source of solutions to their problems.

And that's your aim.You want them to think, “Wow! If she’s giving away this awesome stuff for free, imagine what she’s selling. I have to buy it right now!”

Content marketing can take many forms. For example, publishing articles, video marketing, publishing a newsletter, or writing short reports.

But one of the most interesting things about it is that despite its amazing potential to improve any online business, very few people actually use it. If they use it, they don’t use it to its maximum potential.

There are, probably, many reasons for this. But one of the main reasons seems to be that creating content takes work and commitment.

So if you just put in a bit more effort than your competitors and take the time to create some quality educational content, you will automatically give your online business an unfair advantage.

So I encourage you to start using content marketing as soon as you can. You can learn how to really harness its power here.

Private Label Products

One of the best ways to dramatically speed up your content marketing efforts is to use private label rights products. These are simply products that someone else has already made that YOU can put your name on and sell or give away as your own.

It’s one of the most marvelous internet marketing strategies because you can become a product owner without creating your own product! If you have been complaining about not having your own product, you can now throw that complaint out of the window.

All you need to do is spend a little money and you can own quality private label rights products that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits. Of course, the more money you spend, the better the quality of the products you buy.

One of the main keys to succeeding with private label rights products is to edit them a little so that they don’t look like the original product. For example, if you buy a private label ebook, it would be wise to change the cover and title.

This would differentiate you from the other one hundred people who also bought private label rights to the same ebook.

You can even go a step further and add more content to the ebook or simply rewrite parts of it.

It may initially seem like a lot of work but once you create a system for transforming your private label rights products into original products, it gets much easier.

And it’s worth the time spent when you consider your long term profits.

Remember, you don’t always have to sell private label rights products. You can also give them away for free in order to get many more prospects for your online business.

So put your content marketing on steroids by learning more about private label rights products here.


Since Amazon is one of the largest retailers of ebooks in the world, it is widely known and receives a staggering amount of free traffic.

This makes selling information products on Amazon Kindle one of the smartest internet marketing strategies you can employ. 

The sheer volume of prospects who come searching for ebooks on Kindle all but guarantee that if you use the right strategies to sell in demand products you have to make some sells.

But your main aim when using Kindle to sell your ebooks should be to build your list of qualified prospects NOT to make a profit.

So when people buy your ebook, one of the first pages should offer them a chance to join your list to learn even more interesting things about the topic of the ebook.

A great way to increase the number of people who join your list is to sell your ebook at a very low price. In fact, Kindle even allows you to offer it for free for a few days.

If your ebook is about a topic that many people are interested in, it could help you build your list at a faster rate than most internet marketing strategies.

So marketing ebooks through Kindle is definitely a strategy you should look at closely. Especially when you consider that sells on Kindle have been dramatically increasing over the past few years.

In 2011 over $900,000,000 worth of ebooks were sold on Kindle! Hard to believe, I know. Based on the rate at which people were buying ebooks, it was estimated that that figure would triple by the end of 2012! That’s a lot of ebooks.

That’s why I sell my ebooks on Kindle and plan to keep doing so. Just a tiny slice of this pie could serve your online business very well. So take some time to learn how to use Kindle to market your online business.

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