A Sample Internet Marketing Plan You Can Use to Create Your Own Profitale Plan!

Below is a sample internet marketing plan that you can use to help you create your own plan. It is based in part on my own plan for online success.

But before we get into it, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Firstly, a marketing plan does not have to be complicated. You do not need to have a plan that is dozens of pages long with a bazillion numbers. My experience is that simplicity works best.

Secondly, you cannot create an internet marketing plan without first having a goal. By definition, your plan is designed to help you achieve a specific goal online. So you need to have a goal.

Thirdly, it will really help you to create a plan that works if you take time to know your online business. For example, you need to know the conversion rates for your products. In other words, how many people who visit your sales page buy your services or products?

Or if you are an affiliate marketer, how many of the people who visit your website or read, watch or listen to your promotions go on to click your affiliate links? Of those who click your links and end up at the merchant’s sales page, how many buy?

You need to know this stuff in order to create a proper plan that is based on reality and not guess work or wishful thinking.

Alright. Let’s get into the sample internet marketing plan. For our purposes let’s assume that you have a starting goal of making $5000 a month online since that is realistic.

1. How much money do I want to take home every month? In other words, how much net income do I want?

Answer = $5000  

2. What are my monthly expenses in order for my online business to keep running? For example, hosting fees, autoresponder fees, article distribution software, content writers and other expenses.

Answer = $200  

3. As part of my overall strategy, how much am I prepared to spend on advertising every month?  

Answer = $700 (can be less depending on how well you can implement free strategies)    

4. How much do I spend on  monthly subscriptions to top notch information that gives me an edge over my competitors? For example, industry market research or insiders marketing tips.

Answer = $100    

5. Taking into account my expenses, how much money do I have to make in order to take home $5000 every month?

Answer = $6,000 ($5000+$200+$700+$100=$6000)    

6. How much money do I get paid per sale? (Either of my own product or an affiliate product)

Answer = $100    

7. Therefore, how many sales do I need to make $6000?

Answer = 60 (Because 100 * 60 = 6,000)    

8. What percentage of the people who visit my product sales page or the merchants sales page (if affiliate) buy? (If you are an affiliate, you can find out from the merchant or affiliate network)

Answer = 5%  

9. So how many people do I need to send to the sales page so that when 5% of them buy, I make 60 sells?  

Answer = 1200 people (5% of 1200 is 60)    

10. What strategies can I use to create a system that delivers at least 1200 people to the sales page every month?  

a. Advertising in newsletters ($400)  

bArticle marketing ($100)

c. Social Media Marketing

d. Search Engine Optimization ($100)

e. Other forms of content marketing ($100)

f.  Selling a short report on kindle  

g. Viral Marketing

Ultimately, all these strategies should be used to build your own list. You can redirect people to the sales page after they join your list. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

So there you go. A sample internet marketing plan that is easy to implement. Now what you have to figure out is how many leads each advertising strategy delivers. With this information in hand, you can then focus on those strategies that produce the most results. But do not forsake the others.

A stable online business has to have several ways of getting clients. Otherwise if you focus on 1 strategy and for some reason you are no longer able to utilize it, your whole business can go under at lightning speed.

Now, this is only a basic sample internet marketing plan so we haven’t considered things like repeat sales. In practice, repeat sales can make it much easier for you to achieve your monthly goals. So you need to be aware of how many customers make repeat purchases from you.

But for a start, this marketing plan will work well for you. Even though it is simple, it is tried and tested and will help you get started.

To Your Success


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