The Best Software for Internet Marketing When Getting Started

A lot has been said about what the right software for internet marketing really is. If you do a simple Google search, you will discover that there are piles and piles of information on this particular subject.

It is easy to understand why that is the case. The right software can make your internet marketing business a whole lot more profitable by helping you easily and quickly complete important tasks.

You can gain a phenomenal amount of leverage by replacing your manual efforts with the faster and tireless work that only software can produce.

Now, while great software can undoubtedly help you get ahead very quickly, it is not necessary to buy every program, app or tool that becomes available. That’s where most of us miss the boat when getting started online.

You don’t need to use one hundred different types of software to give your online business a major advantage.

Not at all.

My experience is that, at the absolute most, you only need the 13 types of software for internet marketing discussed below in order to make a great start online.

*And you don’t even have to use them all from day 1*.

You can incorporate one software program at a time as and when it becomes necessary.

So do yourself a favor and forget about the other software programs for now. As your online business grows, you will keep adding what you need in order to take advantage of the new opportunities that will arise.

For now though, I suggest you focus on the following 13 types of software for internet marketing.

They are all you need. Let’s get started.


Obviously, one of the things you need when getting started online is a blog. Nowadays, it is critical to have one. It will seriously boost your efforts whether you market your own products or other people’s products.

In fact, the trend is that more and more affiliate programs won’t accept you if you don’t have either a website or blog. So the first software for internet marketing that we will look at is blogging software.

And the good news is that with WordPress, you can quickly and easily set up a blog with a stunning theme and reasonable power.

Reasonable power?

This simply means that you can use your blog to publish educational and entertaining information in multiple formats such as text, audio and even video. You can also use it to build a list of subscribers and a community of people who trust and respect what you have to offer.

And the best part is that you can set up your blog without using any technical skills in less than 30 minutes! So if you want to start blogging as soon as possible, WordPress is a great place to start.


The second type of software for internet marketing that you need when getting started is email marketing software. And Aweber leads the pack. No other email marketing software does a better job of making sure that your emails arrive into the inboxes of your subscribers.

The purpose of Aweber is to enable you to build a list of subscribers and to be able to communicate with those subscribers as often as you want.

This being the case, Aweber can help you quickly build a relationship with your subscribers and that relationship can translate into serious profits for you.

You can also use it to put your email marketing on auto pilot so that your subscribers receive messages from you on a preset schedule. For example, you can create 52 messages today, load them into Aweber and set them to be sent to your subscribers every week for the next one year!

Imagine the power that comes from automating your online business like that. You can get Aweber here.


The third type of software for internet marketing that you absolutely need when starting out online is tracking software. It helps you track your efforts so that you know what is working and what is wasting your time and money.

Once you know which marketing methods are working, you can then focus your efforts on those methods. Doing this has helped countless marketers significantly increase their profits in a very short period of time.

For example, your success can hinge on a single change in the headline that you use on your opt-in page. Once your tracking reveals a headline that is working very well for you, you can stick with that headline and watch the growth rate of your subscriber base go through the roof.

And since the money is in the list, more subscribers mean more money.

So start tracking your marketing efforts now. Hypertacker is the best software around for this. I use it and it enables me to know EVERYTHING important going on in my online business.


You cannot be an internet marketer if you don’t do any research. Why? Because it is market research that gives you the ability to know who to market your products and services to in order to make a profit.

Without market research, an internet marketer is like a blind man trying to make his way across a thick jungle on a very dark night. There is almost no possibility of success.

Seeing as market research is that important,  the next type of software for internet marketing that you need when getting started online is… you guessed it… market research software!

While there are countless products on the market, WordTracker is the best place to start. It enables you to gain deep information on what your chosen niche is searching for. And when you know what they are searching for, you know what information and solutions to provide them with.

An alternative to WordTraker is the Google Keyword tool. It is free and can help you gain reasonable insight into the needs of your market. It’s not as thorough as WordTracker, but I have seen successful companies started and built on the basis of information obtained with this tool.

Google analytics

Being able to accurately track your marketing efforts is sooo crucial to your success that I have decided to include another example of tracking software for internet marketing.

Surprise surprise, Google also has tracking software and its called analytics. If you have spent a bit of time on this site, you would have probably realized by now that Google provides almost everything!

With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your advertisements in order to know what your return on investment is. In other words, you are able to know how much the money you have spent has made you.

But Analytics goes further than that. It also enables you to track where your best visitors are coming from. Not only that, it also lets you know the route that they used to get to your website!

Imagine that!

Knowing this can enable you to know where to strategically place your advertisements so that you can reach more of your ideal visitors, the ones who eventually become customers.

You can try out Google analytics for free here.

Copy Blogger Software for WordPress

Seeing as WordPress (discussed above) can help you easily set up your blog, it follows that any software for internet marketing that can enhance your experience of WordPress, is worth some consideration.

But since this is Internet Marketing Dissected, we are only interested in the best software.;)

And that software can be found at Copy Blogger. They provide software that you can use to host a WordPress blog, improve its design, build more traffic and even increase the conversion rates of any sales pages you host on that blog.

Essentially, if you want to build a smarter, more efficient and profitable WordPress blog, I guarantee that you need look no further than Brian Clark’s Copy blogger.

Solo Build It

This is the ultimate software for internet marketing. I use it and I can confirm that it is probably the most powerful software online for the small business owner who wants to affordably build a thriving online business.

The thing with Solo Build It is that it is not just one software program designed to do one thing.

*Far from that.*

In actual fact, it is a compilation of a gazillion different types of software that you can use to build a profitable online business.

For example, it has a market research tool, email marketing software, website building software, data collection tools, tracking software, software that enables your audience to build content for you, software that enables you to build a mobile site and a lot lot more.

Check out this page to see what I’m talking about.

The major difference between Solo Build It and WordPress is that Solo Build It enables you to build a Website using a structure that causes search engines to send you an immense amount of traffic over time.

WordPress on the other hand is all about building blogs and in the long run, it takes more effort to build traffic to a WordPress blog than a Solo Build It website.

However, there are many online businesses that do very well with a WordPress blog. So do your research and make an informed decision.


The next software for internet marketing that can give you a serious head start when starting out online is affiliate program management software.

This software drastically simplifies the process of recruiting and paying affiliates. If you have been online for any length of time, then you know that having hundreds of affiliates promoting your product for you is a proven path to success.

Especially if those affiliates have their own lists of subscribers who trust their recommendations.

So if you can find software that makes recruiting and paying affiliates a snap, then you are travelling up a winning path. The best affiliate program management software to use if you sell digital products is Clickbank.

It provides every affiliate who joins your program with a unique link that ensures that he or she gets paid for every sale that he or she causes to happen.

It also ensures that all your affiliates get paid on time.  Imagine having to do this stuff manually! You don’t have too. If you sell physical products, Commission Junction is a great solution. It also enables you to recruit and pay affiliates on auto pilot.

But, remember that even though Clickbank and Commission Junction will enable you to recruit affiliates passively, you will still need to take a more proactive approach if you want to build an army of affiliates faster.

Shopping cart Software

The next software for internet marketing that you may find useful when getting started is a shopping cart. Depending on the nature of the online business you plan to create, you may want to sell a lot of products.

For example, you may want to sell everything that has anything to do with women’s accessories. From handbags to necklaces to wrist watches, rings, bangles, and much MUCH more.

If that’s the case, you will need to use a shopping cart that allows you to create a store front from which you can sell a whole lot of products. A great shopping cart to use is 1ShoppingCart. It is widely regarded as an industry leading shopping cart.

For a reasonable fee, you can load up to 500 products to sell from your online store! If you choose to upgrade, you can sell an unlimited number of products from one store. So 1ShoppingCart is seriously worth trying out if you plan to sell a lot of products from an online store.


Over the course of your online marketing journey you may come to a place where you decide to start your own membership site.

There is a good reason for that.

Membership sites are wildly profitable and popular. We all like the idea of getting more and more of what we like on a consistent basis.

And membership sites lend themselves brilliantly to this reality.

From the owners perspective, they provide a wonderful passive income because people subscribe once but their credit card keeps on getting charged month after month (assuming it is a monthly subscription) until they unsubscribe or…die!

So seeing as membership sites are that profitable, our discussion of software for internet marketing will be incomplete without pointing out a credible solution for starting your own membership site.

At the moment, my favorite solution is Amember. It is a real bargain because you only have to make a modest one-time payment. After that, you have access to it for life.

It includes email newsletter software, a shopping cart solution, a built in affiliate program and much much more. The best thing about it though, is the fact that you can create different levels of membership. For example, you can have a Basic Membership Plan, a Silver Plan and a Gold Plan.

Members at different levels will get different types of benefits. Those on the Gold Plan for example, will get everything the Basic and Silver members get plus a few special extras.

Doing this can make your membership site much more profitable and Amember makes it possible. You can check it out here.

Ultimate Rebrander

So far we have looked at software for internet marketing with more of a main stream feel to it. Let’s now shift to something more “underground”.

I’m talking about viral marketing software. It’s no secret that viral marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to spread the word about your online business.

But not everyone knows how to use it to their advantage. One of the reasons for this is not knowing which software to use to get the viral snowball rolling.

After looking at different types of viral marketing software and even spending my money on some, I have come to the conclusion that the Ultimate Rebrander is the best solution online.

With this software, you can easily enable your affiliates, customers and prospects to promote your products for you. For example, you can create a free report in which they can insert their affiliate links.

With their affiliate links inserted in your report, do you think they will be eager to give it away on your behalf? You bet they will.

The beautiful thing about the Ultimate Rebrander is that your promoters just need to give away a link.

When people click on that link they are sent to a place where they can get your report. Do you know why this is so awesome?

Well, due to the fact that people only have to give away a link, ANYONE can give away your report. They don’t need to have a blog or website. They can simply include your link in their articles, press releases and YouTube videos.

This means a lot more people can distribute your viral reports for you.

And so everybody wins!

You can check out the Ultimate Rebrander here.

Squeeze page builder

Perhaps the hottest topic online is list building. From list building secrets, to list building fire, there is always a new product on how to make money from a list that you own.

Now, you have probably heard that “where there is smoke, there is fire”. So amidst all the yelling and noise going on, somewhere in there, there is some to truth to the claims that all the money is in the list.

And while there is no software for internet marketing that can make the vital personal connection with your list on your behalf, there is software that can at least help you build your list faster.

That software is provided within Follow Up Selling Systems, a course that shows you how to build your list and profit from it automatically.

This software enables you to build a captivating lead capture page that persuades your visitors to give you their email addresses. It also comes with instructions and templates on what to actually say in order to persuade your targeted visitors to submit their emails.

An alternative to Follow Up Selling Systems is Marketing Make Over Generator. This software is designed to build lead capture pages and that’s its main focus. It does not provide information that is as extensive as that provided by Follow Up Selling Systems on how to build your list.

But it gets the job of building your lead capture page done. So if all you want is to build a Lead capture page, it is probably the right choice for you.

But if you also want supplementary information on how to get traffic to your lead capture page and how to make profits on auto pilot once you have built a list, then Follow Up Selling Systems is probably the right choice for you.

CBList Automator

The last software for internet marketing that we will look at is CBList Automator. I must confess, I rarely use or recommend software that looks like this (check out the sales page). But because the person who recommended it to me can do no wrong, I use it and can recommend it to you as well.

This software is designed to automatically deliver bonuses to those who buy through your affiliate link. And promising to give away a bonus to those who buy from you is one of the best affiliate marketing techniques available.


Because the more value you provide, the more affiliate sells you will make. It’s like there is an invisible scale. On one side there is the price of the product you are promoting. On the other side there is the value that buyers gain.

The more you pile up the “value” side of the scale, the more likely your prospects are to buy from you. That’s why all the marketing “gurus” offer HUGE bonuses whenever they sale either their products or affiliate products.

And now you can do the same… on auto pilot… by using CBList Automator.

So there you go!

You now know all the software for internet marketing that you need to get started online. Like I said earlier, you don’t need to use it all at once. Start with what you need. And then move on to the next as and when it becomes necessary.

For example, start with Solo Build It. Then add the Ultimate Rebrander. Then include CBList Automator in your marketing mix. You will make progress faster that way.

If you have absolutely no idea how to get started, I recommend you either get started with WordPress or Solo Build It. Either of them will give you a platform from which to promote both your products and affiliate products. And that’s critical to your online success.

You can find more information on software for internet marketing here and here.

To your Success


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